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In Proud Rememberance


A wonderful tribute to the men and women who served during World War II. This site was begun as a tribute to the web master's late uncle who was killed in the Huertgen Forest campaign. This site has been expanded to include additional stories, images and perspectives about the war. Beautifully created and crafted web site maintained by Mr. Kevin D. Klump




Added 11 July 2007
Davisville, Rhode Island -- Original Home of the Seabees

Seabee Museum and Memorial Park

"The Seabee Museum and Park will recreate and celebrate the Seabee story. We will preserve the rich history of achievement, both military and civic, for the "Fighting Builders" and their impact worldwide..."


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5 December 2006
Bringing History to You...

Dogface Soldiers: US 3rd Division in World War II



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9 August 2006
Bringing History to You...

History of War Online

The History of War On Line



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29 July 2006
The 91st Evacuation Hospital in World War II

91st Evacuation Hospital


Added 16 February 2006

In The Shadow of Suribachi
by Joyce Faulkner
ISBN 0-9745652-0-2
Price: $15.95

In the Shadow of Suribachi

Check out the web site by Joyce Faulkner
for details on ordering this riviting account of Iwo Jima.

This web site contains many reviews of the
book about the experiences of some of the
men who took part in the Iwo Jima invasion.



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Added 4 October 2004
The True World War II Story of a Screaming Eagle and a Courageous Woman.

Love, Honor and Cherish



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Added 15 March 2004

Brian's Military Jeeps
(and WWII Patches) Web Site



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Added 17 October 2003

WWII Memories
of Ted Austin, Sr., B-17 Pilot



Added 8 September 2003
Official Photographer of the 3rd Infantry Division

S/Sgt. William Heller's
WWII Memories

Official Website of the
Society of the 3rd Infantry Division


Added 3 June 2003
Show That You Care!

Remember YOUR WWII Veteran

National WWII Memorial
Remembrance Registry



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Added 3 June 2003
Search for World War II Battlefield Deaths

World War II Honor Roll
American Battle Monuments Commission Search Engine




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Added 3 June 2003
Includes Saipan, Iwo Jima, Peleliu Revisited
2002 Photo Album

Tarawa to Okinawa
USMC Reproductions
by Harlan Glenn




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Added 3 June 2003
A Navy SEABEE's website devoted to Tinian during World War II

107th U. S. Navy
Construction Battalion Project




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Added 30 September 2002

45th Infantry Division
World War II
Reenactors & Venturing Crew




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Added 20 February 2002

Ronald Arthur Tee:
A British Soldier Remembers
WW II Diary: 1941 - 1946

56th Reconnaissance Regiment, 78th "Battleaxe" Division of the British 1st, (later the 8th), Army



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Added 7 December 2001

The National D-Day Museum
New Orleans, Louisiana



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Added 7 November 2001

Herman Knight Beaber:
Deliverance! It Has Come!
WW II Diary: 1942 - 1945




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Would YOU be interested in adding YOUR story -- or a loved-one's story? We have made it very easy for you to do so.

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WW II Stories: Veterans Survey Form


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